Instagram Consulting

Newspapers vs Magazines
Imagine you are looking thru a newspaper, what do you see? Headlines, information, some grainy pictures, lots of text, comics, ads, puzzles, different sections. A hodgepodge of data strung together. Newspapers are ephemeral, here today gone tomorrow.

Imagine you are sitting down with your favorite magazine, what are you seeing? Curation, beautiful images, great articles, high quality paper. There’s a theme, there’s a cohesiveness to the layout and the images. You want to spend time with it. You want to read it cover to cover. You care and treasure it.

Businesses make the mistake of thinking about Instagram as just another version of Facebook. Looking at the difference between a magazine and a newspaper there is no comparison.

Magazines are special. You can tell time, effort, and care were put into it. It features great design and there’s beauty in every page. There’s valuable information and there is no fluff. You are proud to display it on your living room coffee table. You want to share it with close friends. A magazine – just like Instagram – is an experience.

Instagram gives you the potential to create your own magazine. A magazine that is available 24/7 and 365 days a year to potential clients. You don’t have to worry about them losing your copy. Your first 12 images on your feed must tell a story and demand attention. After they subscribe – which in Instagram terms means they give you a “follow” – it is up to you to deliver an experience. To provide valuable content so that you stay top of mind.

Engaged Followers
I will help you create a powerful Instagram Magazine style feed which will attract engaged followers. I call these types of followers True Fans:

  • True fans think of you first
  • True fans spend money with you
  • True fans shop with you multiple times
  • True fans trust you and value your expertise

Customers want to connect with your business. They want to get a behind the scenes look at what you do. They are looking for fun, interesting, and valuable information. If you deliver content that connects with them, they will become True Fans.

You need to have an Instagram feed that attracts potential clients and draws them to you like a magnet. You can leverage the power of Instagram to create this amazing magnet.

If you are ready to create True Fans and are serious about investing in your business, then let me be your personal Instagram Strategy Consultant, I will help you:

  • Create an Instagram Magazine
  • Understand & Tell Your Unique Story
  • Leverage Instagram to Create True Fans
  • Create Engaging Content Marketing Posts, Videos, and Stories