Carlos is a Problem Finder and Solver.
Collaborating with Businesses and Individuals.
Inspiring People and Unblocking Communication.


The best businesses truly seek to deliver an unmatched customer experience. Carlos will speak at your next event to help people understand and begin to create a culture where an employee becomes an exquisite host. It’s all about being intentional in taking the time, using creativity, and generating the effort needed to create a memorable experience. Carlos spent 16 years working at Apple Stores and mastered the art of delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Most people believe working for a great organization is all about easy and relaxing work. In reality, doing great work is about identifying problems and solving them with people that you trust, respect, and can hold each other accountable. Carlos can speak at your next event and create a mindset shift in your organization.

If you think about it, most everything you see and enjoy began with an idea that someone wrote down and kept working on until it became a reality; a business, product, restaurant, clothes, films, books, articles, comedy set, tv show, etc. the list goes on forever. Writing is such a powerful tool that we’ve most of us have overlooked. There’s something magical that happens when we put pen to paper, science tells us there is nothing that replicates that experience neurologically. For those that take the time to write a log and then reflect on what they do, the power of writing creates an unmatched growth opportunity. We learn by reflecting on our experiences. Let me tell you how at your next event.


Certain businesses truly seek to deliver an unmatched customer experience, create a continuous learning culture, and establish a wonderful organizational culture. Carlos takes on a select number of business clients to help them understand and create a culture where an employee becomes engaged, meetings are effective and enjoyable, leaders are focused on their staff and producing results, and customers turn into raving fans of the company.

Most people are afraid or frustrated with their technology. Carlos will breakdown complex tech and mentor people so they are comfortable enough to get the most out of their Apple Devices.

For small businesses and select individuals. Carlos has the heart of a teacher and can simplify technology to be understood at any level. He is passionate about Apple Technology. More than anything he loves teaching people how to do more with their Apple Devices. He’s used Apple devices for over 20 years and enjoys finding solutions to any technology questions people have. He spent 16 years working at Apple Stores, 5 of those years as a “Creative” facilitating hundreds of workshops and one on one sessions to every age group.

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Reducing Uncertainty is the most powerful use of storyboards. Carlos has worked on multiple storyboard projects for films, commercials, and concept art development. He works closely with a director to make everyone else’s job easier. Carlos takes a director’s input and makes confident decisions on how the story is told visually.

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Carlos takes on a few select illustration commissions per month. Whether you need a custom illustration, infographic, or caricature – his creative skill is simple and refined. He’s created illustrations for businesses, events, blog posts, or special moments in a person’s life.

Character Designs: Playful graphics that can help your business appear friendly and communicate a message more organically.

Business Illustrations: Designed to persuade, inform and influence your customers and prospects. They can enhance your brand messaging and can help your business express emotion to reach a wider audience.

Personal Commissions: Caricatures for weddings, engagements, baby announcements, pets, & family portraits.

Carlos releases small batch limited run prints every couple of months. They are tiny prints 5×5 inch that fit into every home, no matter how small. They are professionally printed in the USA by Artifact Uprising (thanks to my friend: Scott Poupis for the recommendation) on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Paper. Tune into my Instagram to see when the next batch is released.

Carlos was born in Michoacan, Mexico. He arrived in Santa Ana, CA at the tender age of one and a half. Orange County was the only home he knew until relocating to Montana in 2018.

When he started school he was enrolled in ESL (English as a Second Language) and found himself falling behind in learning English. He found comfort in the fact that a drawing can communicate a thousand words. No need to speak broken English.

In elementary school, his favorite thing to draw was the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Later it was The Simpsons and then all the classic Disney Films from the 90s. He annoyed his brother by pausing VHS movies to draw his favorite characters and scenes.

After high school he studied Graphic Design, Animation, and Illustration. He’s been published numerous times and has won multiple awards.

He’s been attracted to 2D artwork his entire life. Cartoons from the 1960s; Looney Tunes, The Jetsons, Bugs Bunny & The Roadrunner. There was something about those bold lines and simple shapes that conveyed so much emotion.

He could never figure out how to create those lines and shapes by hand. Until one day he rediscovered the Pen Tool and had a breakthru. It’s a modern day digital chisel and he’s spent countless hours mastering it to create his digital work. He can now create any shape that comes to his mind and uses the Pen Tool to create his unique digital illustrations.

He’s started to work with ProCreate using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. The best is yet to come. He looks back at his life and wonders; “If he had stayed in Mexico, would he have ever touched a computer or been given the chance to create his artwork and share it with the world?”

His father was a farmer then, what would he have become?

Carlos is forever grateful to be able to live in the best country on earth. God Bless the U.S.A.